A Classis is a group of churches within a geographical area that come together to seek, discern, and submit to God's will, offer one another mutual support and accountability, find ways to live out a collective calling in the region, and allow for a healthy and sustained connection to the wider denomination the Christian Reformed Church of North America.

Classis Chatham is a family of Christian Reformed Churches and Ministries along highways 401 and 402 from Windsor to Woodstock to Sarnia in Ontario, Canada. 

Classis Chatham focuses their classis meetings around four lenses. These lenses help us to discern what we as members of a classis are called to do. They are:

1. To be a spiritually discerning community

2. To be supportive and accountable to one another

3. To share in some ministries

4. To participate in and support the work of our denomination

Part of what it means to be a spiritually discerning community is to share stories of who we are and what God is doing among us. Classis Chatham has started sharing these stories focussed around five values that our churches have. We want to share stories about how we are working toward prayerful dependence on God, being places of authentic community, being disciples who in turn make other disciples, developing and equipping leadership in our churches, and how we are strengthening our covenantal relationships with our sister churches and our denomination. 

NEXT CLASSIS CHATHAM MEETING:  Tuesday, September 24, 2019

LOCATION:  Ambassador CRC (3033 Rivard Ave., Windsor)



Ron Middel

Harry Verburg