Classis Chatham

Christian Reformed Churches in North America


   Classis Chatham is scheduled to meet in regular session, D.V. on:

Saturday February 3, 2018 - 9:00 a.m. (registration beginning at 8:15 a.m.) @ Good News CRC,
46 Clarke Road, London, Ontario

Designated Officers  Chair:  Rev. Rob Hogendoorn (London-Forest City)  Vice-Chair:
Rev. Willemina Zwart (London-Good News) S
tated Clerk:  Ron Middel

Agenda Deadline  Please have all agenda materials submitted to the Stated Clerk by Tuesday,
December 12 @ 5:00 p.m.

Credentials Deadline  The Classical Credential form is attached to this email.  Please complete
and submit the completed and signed form to the Stated Clerk (electronically preferred) by Friday,
January 19.

Info re Delegate Selection  "Classis shall consist of three delegates from each church, one minister, one elder and one deacon.  
When a Church is vacant or a minister is unable to attend, an elder may be delegated as a substitute.
"  Please note that there is not a provision to send a second elder delegate if a deacon delegate is not available to attend, nor a second deacon if an elder is not available to attend.  

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              Tuesday, September 26, 2017
     hosted by Destination Church, St. Thomas

               FOR THE MINUTES OF THIS
                    MEETING CLICK HERE

·         Pastor Beth Fellinger of Destination welcomed all.  She and the Destination Praise Team led in opening devotions and a ministry reflection. 
         She also led the delegates and guests in an exercise -- “The Adventure of the Shoe” and a time of personal reflection.  Opportunity for prayer
          was taken throughout the day.

·         26 of the 28 churches of classis were present.  Windsor-Ambassador and London-Forest City North offered regrets.  65 delegates were in
    attendance, including 10 first-time  delegates.  All first time delegates signed the Covenant for Office Bearers.

·         Classis was declared constituted and Rev. Norman Visser of Chatham-Calvary and Rev. Eric Groot-Nibbelink of London-Bethel were seated as
    Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. Mr. Ron Middel was seated as the Clerk.

·         Chaplains Kelly Sibthorpe of Fanshawe College and Mike Wagenman of Western University reported on their ministries and of the encouraging
     interactions as well as some of the challenges.

·         Mr. Fred Verwoerd Interim President of Redeemer University College addressed us.  Redeemer is celebrating their 35th year with 650 students
    enrolled.  They are in the midst of a $20 million capital campaign and are focused on reducing their debt.

·         Dr. Darren Roorda, Canadian Ministries Director for the CRCNA reported on the activities that the denomination has been doing through our
    Canadian office.  He also introduced “The Bridge App” which the delegates approved to support and integrate for all of our churches of the course
    of a minimum of two years.  More information and training will be coming to our churches in the near future.

·         Mr. Maynard Wiersma of Christian Stewardship Services gave an educational and encouraging presentation on stewardship “Sparking Generosity
     in Your Congregation”.

·         Rev. Harold Winter (Tillsonburg) introduced the Church Renewal Lab.  “The Church Renewal Lab is a two-year renewal journey for the purpose of
    developing intentional missional congregations that make more and better disciples who transform lives and communities in Christ.”  “A Simple
    Reality… Either a church is on a constant path of renewal or it is on a sure path of decline.”  Rev. Winter encouraged our congregations to consider
    and discuss participation in this journey and invited elders, deacons, ministers and church leaders to a lunch at London-Bethel on Wednesday,
    November 8th.

·         Several administrative changes to the Rules of Classis were approved.

·         Following recommendations from classis Nominations Committee and Classical Ministries Committee (CMC), classis approved the appointments

o   Margriet Linker of St. Thomas-Fellowship as Deacon Member at Large to CMC

o   Barry Wright of Dresden as Elder Member at Large to CMC

o   Rev. Eric Groot-Nibbelink as Synodical Deputy Alternate

·        Classical Treasurer Harry Verburg presented the proposed 2018 budget on behalf of the Finance Committee.  Classis approved the budget, 
    which amounts to $61.76 per professing member (this is down from $64.88 in 2017).

·         Classis was blessed to hear Church Counselor and a number of other reports were throughout the day.

·         Classis adjourned at 2:10 p.m. to meet again at London-Good News on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 at 9:00 a.m., DV.

                                                                                                                               -- Questions should be sent to Ron Middel, Stated Clerk


Helpful information for churches can be found on the Classis Chatham website


Tuesday, May 23, 2017 hosted by Maranatha CRC, Woodstock


                            Rev. Daryl Meijer of Maranatha welcomed all and led in a time of reflection, praise and worship. We shared in a
                            time of prayer followed by the singing of Hail the Day 
 that Sees Him Rise.  Opportunity for prayer was taken
                            throughout the day.

·         27of the 28 churches of classis were present.  Windsor-Ambassador offered regrets.
     65 delegates were in attendance, including 5 first-time delegates.  All first time
     delegates signed the Covenant for Office Bearers.

·         Classis was declared constituted and Rev. Aaron Thompson of Essex and Rev.
     Norman Visser of Ingersoll were seated as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. 
     Mr. Ron Middel was seated as the Clerk.

·         Ron Baker, Lead Pastor of London-Forest City North Church shared some
     encouraging stories of how God is working at FC North.  Following Ron’s time of
     sharing, Rev. Rob Hogendoorn of London-Forest Community Church updated the
     delegates of the evolution of how FC North church plant started and how it
     functions today.

·         Chaplains Kelly Sibthorpe of Fanshawe College and Mike Wagenman of Western
     University reported on their ministries of the exciting opportunities occurring.

·         Patricia Van Reenen lead a presentation/workshop, on the topic of Clergy Mental

·         Mr. Gilbert Langerak, of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, gave a
     presentation on the topic of Government Compliance for Christian Charities.

·         Dr. Alida van Dijk, of London-Good News sustained an examination for
     Commissioned Pastor.  Alida serves as Chaplain at Parkwood Hospital in London.

·         Classis heard that the Classical Ministries Committee requires two non-clergy
     individuals to serve on the committee as members at large.  The involvement of
     individuals who are currently serving as elders or deacons, or who have held these
     offices in the past, is considered particularly meaningful.  Interested individuals who
     would be interested to serve on the CMC are asked to contact the Stated Clerk.

·         Classis heard that the CMC confirmed the selection of its officers.  Rev. Derek
      Bouma (Strathroy-East) as Chair, Rev. Josh Tuininga (Wallaceburg) as Vice Chair,
      and Rev. Willemina Zwart (London-Good News) as Vice All (pro tem, until the next
      meeting of CMC).

·         Rev. Peter Hoytema (Strathroy-Westmount) and Rev. Norman Visser (Ingersoll)
     have completed their terms on CMC and were thanked for their many years of

·         Classis received a report from representatives of CMC regarding the Classical
     Youth Consultant position. 
     Following recommendations from CMC, classis approved that this position be
     discontinued after August 2017.

·         Classis received and approved the audited 2016 Financial Statements.

·         Classis approved the request of Sarnia-Redeemer to grant emeritus status to
      Rev. Jim Poelman as he is retiring effective July 31st.

·         As Rev. William Koopmans (Chatham-Grace) has accepted a call to Hope CRC,
     Brantford, classis approved the recommendation of Rev. Dirk Miedema to be
     appointed as Synodical Deputy.

·         Both Rev. Koopmans and Rev. Poelman shared a few comments as they leave their
     respective ministries in our classis.

·         Classis was blessed to hear Church Counselor, Church Visitor and a number of
      other reports were throughout the day.

·         Classis adjourned at 4:07 p.m. to meet again at St. Thomas-Destination on
     Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 9:00 a.m., DV.

                                                 -- Questions should be sent to Ron Middel, Stated Clerk


Helpful information for churches can be found on the Classis Chatham website:                                                                            

For Classis Chatham Minutes of the May 23, 2017 Meeting
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